Weaving in Ends

Do you love to knit or crochet, but hate the blocking and seaming? Do your projects languish in bags because you haven't had time to do the final finishing? Do you want your finished project to proclaim 'handmade' not 'homemade'?

Hank's staff has over 100 years of combined experience in finishing projects. If you have struggled with finishing or would rather spend your time starting your next project, let us help!

Here is a list of the finishing services we provide:

  • Blocking
  • Seaming
  • Grafting Stitches
  • Weaving in Ends
  • Attaching Buttons
  • Picking up Stitches
  • Knitting Neck and Button Bands
  • Knitting or Crocheting edges
  • Duplicate Stitch
  • Fringing
  • Pom Pom's
  • And More... Just Ask!

Just come into our shop with the pieces of your work, a copy of the pattern, and extra yarn for seaming. If you want us to sew on buttons, we have a small selection for sale in the shop, or you can bring your own. The cost for professional finishing varies according to the project type and the time involved. We can give you an estimate at the time you bring your work in. Finishing is completed on a first come, first served basis. Payment is due upon completion of the finishing.

Duplicate Stitch

Picking Up Stitches